Kabul terror attack


Kabul Terror attack

Kabul shocked by the Talibani attack on Tuesday terrorists will attack infantry hospitals located in a south area in which 14 people killed including newborn babies. According to the report of Kabul officials.

According to the showing images, army personals will rescue many of them including children and their mothers, every month Afghanistan faces some of the terror attacks in which Taliban terrorists are involved but no such cases have been confirmed by the Taliban .

Many more places in the Kabul are shocked by such incident Nangrahar place under the control of Islamic State during funereal the blast takes place in which 24 people killed and 55 injured in the south host place of Afghanistan the bombing attack in the market leads to the death of 1 child and severelyly injuries.

After the suicidal bombing attack at the hospital, the black smoke cloud will cover the whole sky’s internal minister Tarik aren confirms that 100 people have been rescued in which 15 more are injured. Three foreigners are also has been evacuated although no has been taken responsibility, in which the whole state is always in the attack of the Taliban as well as isis.