MiG 29 Crash


MiG 29 Crash

Indian Navy Sources: A MiG-29K fighter aircraft crashed in Goa soon after it took off for a training mission. Both the pilots have managed to eject safely. The aircraft involved in the crash was a trainer version of the fighter jet. https://t.co/nMWPYOeUFN

Mig 29 crashes near jalandhar , pilot ejects safely according to media report ANI.

On training mission Mig 29 aircraraft airborne crashes near jalandhar Air force base sade indian Air force officials on todays afternoon .

During crashes pilot has been evacuated by helicopter and admitted in nearest hospital .

Due to technical slag it become unctrolled and crashes , pilot ejected safely .

The court has been orderd to inquiry the reason of crash , this year first case has been reported yet but several time mig series airborne aircarft has been crashed .

A mig aircraft has been crashed at chuharpur village district of nawranshar todays allthough pilot has been evacuated and taken to samudra village of hosiyarpaur govt of punjab has been twitted .


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