Vizag gas leak


Vizag gas leak

There is another incidents takes place on thrusday at vizag and cause death of 11 , effected thousands of resident living by side .

Due to technical fault styrline gas and thier by product are open to exposure in vishakaptanam allthough all matters havent clear yet .

Vizag police comissinor Rajiv kumar leena has been confirmed that it is non posinous gas , fatal are only caused due to exposure of this gases for long time including their by products.

Incident occur at rrv puram near gopala patnam i.e , 15km from the costal city several pepole fall on road due to uncuncious inhaling of the gas while 6 death has been reported .

Styrene is flammable liquid that is used in producing plastic latex and their by products and it is also found in ciggrate , fruits and vegetables .

Effects of styrlyne
When it exposed to open , us based envirlent protection agency , short torm exposure cause breathing problems , irritation in eye and gastrointrestial issues .

Long term exposure cause blockage of central nervous system cause uncousness , cancer and also fatal death due to exposure to inviroment can cause risk of lukemia and lymphoma .

Symptoms include headache, hearing loss, fatigue, weakness, difficulty in concentrating etc.
Animal studies, according to the EPA, have reported effects on the CNS, liver, kidney, and eye and nasal irritation from inhalation exposure to styrene.

Now situation in vizag is critical condition gas started leaking from 3am in morning and leaking for several hours all the nesessary action has been taken and police are evacuating all the pepole residing by sides .

1800 Ton gas has been stored before operation and ndrf team has been sent to effected place radius of 5km has been reoorted according to media inforlation , and several steps has been taken as it deoends on the wind speed of a sorroundings due to covid – 19 all elergency items are redy to use and help in rrducing severe cases .


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