Some sense of traffic rules


Some sense of traffic rules

This is another image of lockdown that will create another sense of happiness to our soul by this leopard and their children all the data curated from Praveen Kumar twitter handle as former ifs officer.

The old clip was from Kruger National Park in South Africa in which leopards take the decision to cross out the road all-though there is lock-down and mothers tried to surpass his child but one of them standby by there and mother took out them.

This will produce a great sense for humans for caring and self mobilising to follow traffic rules in their way .

Another image is from Jim Corbet national parks in which groups of elephants are crossing the road with a proper queue that will produce some sense of inner happiness to our readers and ifs officer twitter that

I want to share this picture everyday. Was tracking this #family of 36 #elephants from morning. By evening they arrived at the same location where i was standing. Everybody in my team knew exactly same point where the elephants will cross this road. All 36. A happy big family.


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